More WWI Newells

I just added material on Newells from Burnt Head and the Brigus / Georgetown  area who served in WWI.  Five Newells from Burnt Head  served in the Canadian Army during WWI;  two of which died overseas.  Two other Newells from the Brigus / Georgetown  area also server; one of which died overseas. Along with those from ‘The Dock’ this makes at least 12 Newells from Conception Bay North who served, 6 of which died overseas.


Update on Newalls of Scotland

I have recently started posting the results of my research on the Newalls of SW Scotland.  This is posted under the UK Newells Tab.   This started as a offshoot of my research on Richard Newall and his links to Scotland (the origin of the colonist he was helping to transport to Nova Scotia). The research started as a small side project but I became interested on the stories of the Newalls of Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire and it grew into a much larger undertaking which required splitting my report into different files.

I have currently posted the results covering the period up to 1603 in the file SW Scotland I under the UK Newells Tab and for 1604-1649 in SW Scotland II.  I have more material covering the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries which I plan to post in the near future.

Richard Newall in Ireland 1624

I have recently posted a new research paper describing Richard Newall’s letters from Ireland in 1624.  It is posted under the Richard Newall Tab,  sub-menu Ireland 1624.

In the spring of 1624 Richard Newall was sent to Wexford, Ireland by William Clobery (Cloberry) to oversee the loading of the ship Mayflower with a cargo of pipe-staves.  This paper includes information on Richard’s activities in Ireland, the people involved in the export of pipe-staves from Ireland and a review of information on the ship Mayflower.

John N