New Structure for Site

I have restructured the Web Site to better reflect the information I currently have. I moved information on Newells from other areas of Newfoundland to it’s own section on the opening page.  I have also added a section on Merchant Connections under ‘The Dock’.

Newells of Brigus and Burnt Head Nfld.

I have started adding material on the Newells of Brigus and Burnt Head (towns near ‘The Dock’). This is posted under “Other Nfld. Newells” which is under “The Dock Nfld” (see location in menu below). Both of these sections are still under construction so I will be adding more material in the future.

More WWI Newells

I just added material on Newells from Burnt Head and the Brigus / Georgetown  area who served in WWI.  Five Newells from Burnt Head  served in the Canadian Army during WWI;  two of which died overseas.  Two other Newells from the Brigus / Georgetown  area also server; one of which died overseas. Along with those from ‘The Dock’ this makes at least 12 Newells from Conception Bay North who served, 6 of which died overseas.


New material Added

I have just added a new section on the Newells of North River. This is saved under a new Tab “Other Nfld Newells” (see menu below).

I have also added photos of Jane Reed and photos and other information on Lewis Newell under the WWI Tab.

Update on Newalls of Scotland

I have recently started posting the results of my research on the Newalls of SW Scotland.  This is posted under the UK Newells Tab.   This started as a offshoot of my research on Richard Newall and his links to Scotland (the origin of the colonist he was helping to transport to Nova Scotia). The research started as a small side project but I became interested on the stories of the Newalls of Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire and it grew into a much larger undertaking which required splitting my report into different files.

I have currently posted the results covering the period up to 1603 in the file SW Scotland I under the UK Newells Tab and for 1604-1649 in SW Scotland II.  I have more material covering the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries which I plan to post in the near future.

Richard Newall in Ireland 1624

I have recently posted a new research paper describing Richard Newall’s letters from Ireland in 1624.  It is posted under the Richard Newall Tab,  sub-menu Ireland 1624.

In the spring of 1624 Richard Newall was sent to Wexford, Ireland by William Clobery (Cloberry) to oversee the loading of the ship Mayflower with a cargo of pipe-staves.  This paper includes information on Richard’s activities in Ireland, the people involved in the export of pipe-staves from Ireland and a review of information on the ship Mayflower.

John N