Since the start, my research has benefited from assistance from various other researchers. Some like my father and Harold Newell were people who shared their knowledge with me while others like Jane Reed and my cousin Ted were cases where there were collaborative research projects.

The following list is my attempt to acknowledge the assistance these people have provided and I apologize if I missed any person or miss represented their contribution:

My two main original sources were my father John Robert Newell and a distant cousin Harold Newell.

My father, who was born in 1908, was extremely knowledgeable about family history. From a story he told I suspect that some of this came from overhearing conversations between his father, Albert, and Canon John Thomas Richards who would visit Albert after he became sick in the late 1930s. My father commented that his father and Canon Richards would discuss family and local history.

Harold Newell: When I started researching the history of the Newells of the Dock  my father  suggested that I contact Harold Newell;  at that time Harold was 81 and living with his wife at their home in St. John’s. Harold had researched the family history and had  numerous notebooks containing his research and over the course of several visits we discussed various topics related to the early family history (see my section on Harold).

Jane Reed: Jane was a cousin from the US branch of my immediate family (my grandfathers sisters) who first came to Newfoundland to research her family history in 1972.  Jane is my primary source for information on her aunts and and other later generations (see my section on Jane).

Ted Newell: My 1st cousin Ted took up genealogy with a passion after he retired from teaching and in addition to researching the Newell family history he transcribed numerous data sets which were posted on the Web (for example see

Kenneth Newell: My cousin Ken also took up genealogy after he retired and, like his brother Ted, it became his passion. Ken worked a lot with Jane Reed on various projects.

Shirley Badcock: My sister Shirley, who lives in Bay Roberts, is my sounding board for recent family history (corrects my faulty memories) and a source for Newfoundland contacts, family information and family photos.

Peter Noel: Pete and I have been researching the Newell / Noel connections for decades. His Web site on Noel History is a treasure trove of information on the Noels of Newfoundland.

Shelley Gosse: A cousin, through marriage on my mothers side, did extensive research on my mother’s ancestors the Snelgrove, Cake and Herald families.

Tina Newell and Paula Matchim:  Some years back their questions (separate contacts) reignited my interest in James son of Philip and the information they shared has helped me better understand this branch.

Judy Foote: Judy recently helped with my research on the Wells family of Salmon Cove.

The numerous ancestry DNA matches who responded to my request for information..