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In 1822 the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel appointed a Schoolmaster in Bareneed and there were 20 boys and 33 girls attending school (total population of Bareneed was approximately 350). This was one of the first schools in Conception Bay. In 1874 the population was 591 and there were 175 children in school. Bareneed, tended to have one of the strongest school systems in Conception Bay and in later years produced an above average number of school teachers. In the 1911 census for Bareneed 8 adult children were identified as teachers (likely back living with their parents in the summer months).

Name Relations Age Occupation
Cyril Batten Son 19 School Teacher
Joseph Vokey Boarder 18 School Teacher
? Bartlett Daughter 21 Teacher
Annie Boone Daughter 21 Teacher-C.E.B. Educ.
Thomas Seely Son 21 School Teacher
Irene French Daughter 23 School Teacher
Elsie French Daughter 24 School Teacher
Mary Richards Daughter 20 School Teacher

In the 1935 Census there were 12 teachers.

RICHARDSJohn E.Head39Teacher
NEWELLVera M.Daughter21School teacher
RICHARDSAllanSon28School teacher
FRENCHWinston O.Son22School Teacher
FRENCHGordon M.Son25School Teacher
FRENCHHaroldSon23School Teacher
FRENCHGrahamSon20School Teacher

Newfoundland enacted compulsory schooling late, the same year it legislated free education in 1942. Compulsory ages were set between age seven and fourteen. The province raised the school leaving age to fifteen in 1951. Students attaining fifteen during the school year had to wait until the end of the school term before having the option to leave. After 1963, all provinces enforced a minimum school leaving age of either fifteen or
sixteen. These limits remained for many years.
Source: P. Oreopoulos, 2005, Canadian Compulsory School Laws.

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The number of children in Bareneed declined in the 1940s and 1950s due to out migration and an aging population (decrease in birth rates). In the mid 1950s the high school students from Bareneed started attending St Luke’s School in Port de Grave (in 1960s both Port de Grave and Bareneed high school students were bused to Bay Roberts). The United Church School (west end of Bareneed) closed in the late 1950s. The last School in Bareneed (St. Mark’s, see photo below) closed in the mid 1960s and after this a bus took the few remaining school children to Coleys Point or Bay Roberts.

The last School in Bareneed now used as a tea room by the local Heritage Society.

The following photographs show students from Bareneed during different time periods:

School Boys from Bareneed c 1919
Bareneed School Girls c 1950, Photograph by Phyllis Smith 
  Back Row, Left to Right
Ellen Newell daughter of John and Jessie of the Dock
Emmie Mercer daughter of James and Diana
Grace Richards daughter of George and Eliza
Myrtle Bartlett daughter of John and Susie
Verna Batten daughter of Reginald and Sarah Jane
Ida Richards daughter of George and Eliza
Middle Row Right to Left
Effie Boone daughter of William and Rachel
Shirley Newell daughter of John R and Gladys
Pearl Mercer daughter of James and Diana
Marion Batten daughter of Walt and Ada of the Dock
Sandra Boone daughter of Ike Jr and Jean.
Front Row Left to Right
Calvin Batten son of Walt and Ada of the Dock
Barbra Mercer daughter of James and Diana
Grades 1-8, St. Mark’s 1961 with teacher Walter Dawe
Students Back Row L to R: Roy Lush, Barbra Lush; Alice Boone; Irene Batten, Myra Mercer; Betty Richards, Cyril Boone. Front Row L to R: Roy Richards, Loyd Lush , Pearl Richards; John Newell, Beatrice Richards , Howard French, Douglas French, Donald Boone, Eileen French (thanks to Alice Boone for help with IDs). Teacher year after this Mrs Chalk.