Meserve Messervey

Messervey is considered one of oldest surnames in Jersey, having been recorded in the Assizes of 1309. The origin of the name is Norman, and is said to arise from an old Norman word, meaning “ill-treated”. The spelling of the surname in Jersey itself is Messervy. This is also the spelling in England, Australia and New Zealand. Descendants of Philippe Messervy in Newfoundland and Labrador have an extra “e”, Messervey. In the United States, several variants can be found: Meserve, Meservy, Messervy, Messervey. Source: Messervy – A surname of Jersey, Channel Islands

I get two matches for the Jeune name on the Channel Islands, both with Marguerite Jeune born c 1660 at St Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands who married Jacques Messervy from Jersey. Marguerite and Jacques had a daughter Elizabeth Messervy born 1686 at St Martin, Jersey. Both trees have this Elizabeth marrying a Clement Noel from Jersey. In both cases the tree show this Clement as the father of  Clement Noel of Freshwater, Carbonear,  Newfoundland. Both of my Newell cousins have matches to the Jeune name on Jersey (most 18th Century) but one does have the same Marguerite Jeune. Peter Noel has a Clement (born 1714/15) son of Clement Noel and Elizabeth Messervy in his Noels of Newfoundland tree.

Philippe Messervey Birth 1769•St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands Death 1827•Sandy Point, St Georges Bay, Newfoundland,eventsView in tree Spouse Susan/ne/nah Dennis 1773–1851 Son Philip Messervey 1795–1881 Messervey Family Tree