Doiron Drouin

The Doiron family traces its roots back to Jean Doiron, born in France about 1649. He died between 28 April 1735 – 03 June 1736 at Ste-Famille de Pisiguit, Acadia. He married Marie Anne Canol c. 1671 (note see Ancestry DNA Results Part II, The Old World section for more background information on the Canol name and links to Knol). Circa 1710 Anne Le Blanc (see le Blanc name in matches) married Jean Doiron, son of Jean Doiron and Anne Marie Canol at Grand PreIn 1740 Philippe Doiron married Ursule le June linking this family with le Jeune (above). The most famous member of this family was Noel Doiron who was born at Port RoyalAcadia in 1684 and lived most of his childhood at Pisiquid (present day Falmouth, 18 km fromGrand Pré). By 1714, Doiron and his family were established in Noel, Nova Scotia. The Doiron family grew to include five sons and three daughters—one son died in Vila Noel before 1746.  Doiron and his family were deported in 1758 and died when the ship they were on sank about 20 leagues from the coast of France.