Isaac Newell

Isaac Newell

Isaac’s family was from Burnt Head (an abandoned community now part of  Cupids, Nfld.) which is approximately 3 miles from ‘The Dock’ by boat.  My family tradition is that the Newells of Burnt Head and ‘The Dock” are related with a common  ancestor in the 18th century.  I have not established the common ancestor but Philip Newell [aka Noel] my ggg grandfather who settled in the ‘The Dock’ and Isaac who settled in Burnt Head around the same time may have been brothers or cousins.

Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labradorvolume 4


Photo of the young Isaac Newell, ca. 1940
 Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections (Coll – 090), Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL

Copied from: Newell Collection is a Coleridge Scholar’s Dream  By Bert Riggs and Dr. Martin Howley

From the files of The Gazette Mar 23, 1995.

See this paper for a discussion of his poetry and his collection of poetry.


RE: National Convention

Source:  The Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948: Reports and papers

edited by James Hiller, Michael Harrington.