Update February 2021

I just completed a new Web Page, under UK Newells section, on the Newell / Nowell families of Cornwall. I also did a child page under this page for Simeon Noall of Cornwall who was a Methodist Minister in Newfoundland in the 1820s.

Earlier in the month I restructured the Bareneed section of the Site by adding a new section on Family Names. This will make it easier for users to find information on individual families.

Update January 2021

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and Canadian lockdown in the spring of 2020 I started a section with my comments on the outbreak. I recently archived this to a new location . Unfortunately, I was correct about how the outbreak would progress but that is all history now.

In November, I started working on an update to my section on the Newalls and Newells of Lyme Regis, Dorset and Uplyme, Devon. This was a major rework that is integrated with an Ancestry.ca family tree that I prepared for Andrew Newell of Lyme Regis.

I am now starting a new section on the Newells, Newalls and Nowells of Cornwall.

Update January 2020

There are a number of recent changes to the Web Site.

First, the site has been upgraded to SSL (https) which adds additional security and makes it easier to access the site. The URL is now https://johnpnewell.com/ but still can be reached by simply typing johnpnewell.com.

Secondly, the section on “The Dock” has been renamed Newell Family The content remains the same but the new name reflects the focus of this section on my Newell Ancestors.

Thirdly, I have added a new header section called Bareneed that will cover the general history of Bareneed and The Dock. This section is still under construction.

Finally, I have restructured the DNA section and added new sections to provide more detail on my non Newfoundland DNA connections. There is more to come on this topic.

Enjoy John

Update June 2019

Have not posted any new update for some time since I have been working on a project to explore my roots in the UK and Europe using my Ancestry DNA results. Thanks to my sister Shirley and two 3rd cousins, who are also descended from John Newell & Patience Porter, I was able to plot the earliest know location of distant (5th cousin +) DNA matches who had a Newell or similar name (e.g. Noel, Neville, Knowles) in their tree. I have just started updating the section of the Web Site on My Ancestry DNA Results to reflect the new information.

Update to My DNA Web Page

I have added a new section to the top level page on My DNA. The new section is entitled Search for the Ancestors of Philip Newell and is added to the section on my Ancestry DNA results. This section analyses my distant DNA links (5th + cousin) to people with the Newell, Noel, Knowles and Neville names in their trees.

Wells family of Salmon Cove

Started a new section, under ‘The Early Newells’ Tab on the Wells family of Salmon Cove. My great grandmother Caroline Wells was from this family but they also had sveral other connections to the Newells of ‘The Dock’.