Census 1817 Part IV

The next sequential number east of Thomas Bartlett in the 1817 Census is #26, John Boone Son of Thomas who I am assuming was situated in Bareneed Cove just east of the Crab Plant. However at this point the order of the properties in the Census changes and the next property to the east is # 2, Thomas Boon Senior (there is no #1). I am assuming that the person compiling the Census started from Thomas Boon Senior’s property (situated in the Cove which would be the best place to land if arriving by ship) and moved east to #25 then returned to the starting point and continued west starting at #26.

NoHousekeeper NameManWomanChildrenM ServantsW ServantsSuppliers NameMeans of ProvidingNo of Person Distressed
26 John Boone Son Thomas 1 1 5   W Pack Distressed all of family
2Th’s Boon Senr113  W Pack – B:Sabants ?Distressedall of them
3Ab’m Boone114  M Graham B:NeeddittoD
4Jacob Hall1134 W PackWell off 
5Th’s Boon John Son11441W PinsentD 
6Th’s Boon Wm Son114  W PackDistressed 
7Wm Boone111  dittoditto 
8Ch’s Boone Abm Son1113 Natale & Cawlyditto 
9Th’s Boon Junr1121 John Mooreditto 
10John Boone Abm Son1121 M Grahamditto 
1817 Census of Bareneed, based on transcription at :

Nine of these ten properties were occupied by members of the Boone/Boon family. It is likely that these properties all belonged to one of the three Boone families that lived in this area at the time the 1805 Plantation Book was compiled.

#4. Jacob Hall

The one anonymity in the 1817 Census was the property held by Jacob Hall that was likely a Boone property in 1805. This Jacob Hall was almost certainly the Jacob of Bareneed who was “Boats Master” for Thomas Patten (Merchant operating in Bareneed).

In 1817 Jacob was married with 3 children and 4 male servants and was described as “well off”. His merchant was Graham who was a partner with Patten (see above) who Jacob worked for. Basically, Jacob was an employee working for Patten & Graham and likely purchased or rented property from a Boone. Jacob had a son Abraham who was born in Bareneed in 1814.

Bear NeedHALLJacob & BridgetAbraham18 Sept 1814

This Abraham married Bellisen Snow at Bareneed in 1841 but in 1858 Bellisent , a widow, remarried. At that time her address was given as North River.

Dec. 2, 1841Abraham HALLBachelorBareneedBellisen SNOWSpinsterBareneedJ. VicarsSamuel BATTEN, John SNOW

The Halls of Bareneed might be the Halls who founded “Halls Town” which was west of North River (Halls Town was originally settled by Protestants while North River was Catholic). A Jacob Hall was recorded at Bareneed in Lovell’s 1871 Directory and this may be the Jacob Hall identified as the last Catholic in Bareneed who moved to North River (see Decks Awash, 1984). Based on the earlier records it is possible that Jacob converted.

The Boones

In 1805 the Boone families headed by Abraham, Thomas and John Boone held 84 yards of beach frontage in the prime landing spots in Bareneed Cove between the old wharf and Greenland’s Store. All three of these properties were held by “deed of gift from his father” and were all dated 1784 which suggest that they were brothers (1784 likely represents the date the properties were inherited). Holding this prime property suggest that the Boone family are a good candidate for one of original settlers of Bareneed.

435Abrahm Boone 38 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Thos. Boone on the W. by Thos. Bartlett — yards from H.W.M. to the Northward bounded N. by Bay Roberts Note, The missing word is indecipherable.Held by deed of gift from his FatherNo buildings1784
436Thomas Boone, 17 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by John Boone on the W. by Abram Boone 193 yds. from H.W.M. to the Northward bounded on the N. by Bay Roberts 1 Stage 1 Flake 1 House 1 GardenHeld by deed of Gift from his FatherNo buildings1784
437John Boone 29 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Wm. Preautx on the W. by Thos. Boone 193 yds. from H.W.M. to the Northward bounded on the N. by Bay Roberts 1 Stage 1 Flake 2 Houses 2 Gardens 1 MeadowDoDo1784
1805 Plantation Book

The question then becomes who was the father of the 1805 Boones of Bareneed; unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to this question. A John Boone was recorded in Petty Harbour in 1675 (see Seary) but the first Boones recorded at Bareneed/ Port de Grave are likely the Boones recorded in 1805.

Seary (Family Names of Newfoundland) list Abraham of Port de Grave 1784 who was likely the Abraham of 1805. This Abraham married in 1781 just a few years before he inherited the property from his father (see below).

Keith Matthews files MUN

Abraham’s brother Thomas and his wife Grace had a son Thomas (Jr.) b in 1781

Keith Matthews Files, MUN

This was likely the same Thomas who had a son John baptized at Harbour Grace in 1777 (name of mother not given).

Harbour GraceBOONThomas & (no entry)JohnMJ. Balfour26 Aug 1777

This Thomas (Jr) was buried at Bareneed in 1854 (age 72) and left the following Will.

In the Name of God, Amen. I Thomas Boon of Thos. Sen’r. of Bareneed in the Island of Newfoundland, Fisherman, being of sound mind but mindful of my mortality do this 15th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four 1854 make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say: First I desire to be decently buried in the Church Yard at Bareneed. I do hereby give and bequeath to my Son Thomas Boon, his heirs and assigns, all my right title to the Room situate in Bareneed with the House and land back save and except the setting of one Bll seed Potatoes to my Daughter Louisa during her natural life, and after the death of my Son Tho’s I give and bequeath my aforesaid Room to my Grandson Nathaniel, his heirs and assigns. And I do hereby make and ordain, constitute and appoint my Son Tho’s Boon Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set and subscribed my hand and seal the day and year first above written. Thomas [his X mark] Boon of Tho’s Sen’r {Seal}

This Thomas (2nd) and his son Thomas (3rd) are likely the Thomas Senior and Thomas Junior listed in 1817 and one of these is the “Thomas of Thomas” listed in the 1835 Voters List (see further below).

The final Boone in the 1805 Plantation Book was John. This was likely the John husband of Rachel who had a son Thomas baptized at Harbour Grace in 1782.

Harbour GraceBOONJohn & RachelThomasMJ. Balfour24 Nov 1782

This may be the John who was buried at Bareneed in 1854 (no age given).

There are a number of family trees on Ancestry that give different names and home towns for the parents of Abraham, Thomas and John but nothing definitive. In an attempt to identify their origin in the UK I plotted up the UK locations linked to the names Thomas, John and William Boone / Boon (1600-1800) in the Keith Matthews files at MUN (no UL locations linked to Abraham and William a name from 1817 added),

UK locations linked to Thomas, Abraham, John and William Boone / Boon (1600-1800) in Keith Matthews files at MUN.

All the locations are in Devon, from Dartmouth to the Dorset border. One location does pose some questions. There are numerous references to Boones at St Saviour. There are Saint Saviour parishes in both Jersey and Guernsey, Channel Islands, and I originally assume it might be one of these but there is also a St. Saviour Church and Parish in Dartmouth. The easternmost of the two overlapping red star symbol on the map identifies St. Saviour Church and the other the estate of “Mount Boone” (west of Dartmouth). In about 1630 the estate, the elevated position of which dominates the town of Dartmouth, was purchased by Thomas Boone, a Newfoundland merchant and Member of Parliament for Dartmouth in 1658. The estate passed out of the Boone name after the death of Thomas’ son Charles in 1689; however, there were distant Boone relatives living in Dartmouth as late as 1791.

The connection between Dartmouth and the Newfoundland fishery in the 17th Century includes several different Boone families as demonstrated by a Petition filed in 1642 by petitioners, who are occupied in the Newfoundland fisheries.


A Copy of petition of the Mayor, his brethren and the rest of the inhabitants of Clifton-Dartmouth-Hardnes, with the places adjacent, to the Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon. The petitioners, who are occupied in the Newfoundland fisheries, complain that their trade is likely to be destroyed in consequence of the number of Turkish pirates from Algiers and Sallee, the rebellion in Ireland, and the dread entertained of a popish rising.

This Petion included the following Boone names:

#126BooneJoM1646Dartmouth SS.
#381BooneRogerM1629Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
#705Boone/ClarkeRobt Stokeinteignhead.
#1068BooneRichard CRichard Clark? BooneStokeinteignhead

For more information on this family see the Boone Famly Web Page under Family Names of Bareneed.

This section continued in 1817 Census Part V