Wells Time Line

Wells of Salmon Cove Time Line

(For background see Wells under Non Newell Paternal Ancestors)

1875 Henry William Wells & Rebecca birth of son Albert Meyrick

1874 Henry William married Rebecca Hussey in 1874.

1872 Henry Wells & Matilda, The Gullies, Port de Grave [Brigus?] , birth of son George

1871 Henry Wells Salmon Cove Lovell’s Directory

1870 Henry & Matilda daughter Patience bapt 1870 Brigus Methodist

1867 Henry & Matilda 1867 birth of son James,

1867 Henry born Cupids married Matilda in 1867

1865 Henry Wells (Jr) & Sarah birth of son Levi

1862 John Wells of Salmon Cove & Lavinia Efford married Bareneed

1861 Birth Patience Newell 1st daughter of John Newell & Caroline (daughter of Henry Wells)

1860 Will Henry Wells Salmon Cove

1860 Henry Wells Sr & Henry Wells Jr in Salmon Cove (Church Society Report)

1860 Henry Wells  & Sarah birth of son Henry

1858 Patience Wells (but no Henry) in Church Society Report.

1857 Birth (from death) Robert James Wells (married Newell at Bareneed)

1855 Henry Wells & Henry Wells (no Jr/Sr) at Salmon Cove (Church Society Report)

1850 Newfoundland Church Society Report donation from Captain William Wells on ship Henrietta out of Cupids

1849 Richard Newell married Mary Anne Wells of Salmon Cove (James Wells witness);

1849 Henry W of Salmon Cove died 1912 @ 63 born 1849

1848 Report Newfoundland Church Society, donations from Salmon Cove:

William “Wills”; Henry “Wills” (2); Richard “Wills”; Robert “Wills”; Thomas “Wills” and John “Wills”.

1842 Reported birth Sarah Elizabeth Wells;  1863 methodist marriage to Jacob William Serrick of Cupids; her daughter Susanna married John Newell son of Nathanial of Dock. She passed away on 8 Dec 1925 in Bareneed (see wife of John Sr. mother Lewis born 1867 at cupids in the 1921 census)

1838 Henry (Harry) of Gullies died 1921 @ 83 born 1838 Brigus Methodist; Wife Matilda references in Will of 1921

1836 Birth Caroline Wells (est from age at death) daughter Henry Wells (wife of my great grandfather John Newell of The Dock).

1835 Voters List Salmon Cove, Port de Grave Bay :

  1. William Wells,
  2. William Wells Jr.,
  3. James Wells,
  4. Richard Wells,
  5. Henry Wells,
  6. Theophilus Wells.

1834 Birth (est from age at death) Selina Jane Wells , 2nd wife Richard Newell of The Dock

1829 Child of Thomas Wells, Merchant, Port de Grave, and Catharine Foran illeg. buried

1828 Death William Wells Senr.  River Head [Salmon Cove], Port de Grave.

1828 Birth John Wills (poss Wells see below) at Mosquito  [recorded HG]  son of William Wills & Mary [Herald] (his death recorded in The Royal Newfoundland Gazette of 1883 as John Wills)

1826 William “Wells” [clear in Doc] of Mosquito [Bristol’s Hope] married Mary Herald at Harbour Grace

1822 Mary Ann Wells born ( 1st wife Richard Newell)

1817 Wells families in Census for Bareneed (likely includes Southern Gut i.e Salmon Cove).

  1. Henry Wells with wife and Child,
  2. William Wells Sr. with wife and 2 children,
  3. William Wells Jr. with wife and 3 children,
  4. John Wells with wife and 2 children,
  5. Rick [Richard] Wells with wife and 4 children and
  6.  Sam Wells with wife and 5 children

1813 James Wells & Mary Noseworthy, a child buried at Brigus Meth

1812 Jane the wife of Theophilus Wells of Cupids buried, aged 40 years, Brigus Methodist

1811 William Wells and Mary Anthony had a son Nathan Bapt at Brigus Methodist

1811 Theophilus Wells & Jane Ford, a child buried Brigus Meth, Jane wife of Theo. of Cupids born 1772 d 1812

1805 Plantation Book: Richard Wells at Salmon Cove; William & James Wells at Port de Grave (PDG)  and Theophilus Wells at Cupids

1796 Theophilus Wells at Cupids since 1796 (see 1805 Plantation Book)

1796 Theophilus Wells of Colliers sold Land

1796 Richard Wells at Salmon Cove since 1796 (see 1805 Plantation Book)

1792 Theophilus Wells of PDG & Grace child Anne baptized at Harbour Grace (HG)

1790 William Wells (from Hibbs Cove, PDG)  & Elizabeth Porter birth of daughter Patience at HG

1789 Samuel Wells & Bridget Handrahan married at HG

1788 Richard Wells & Anne Andrews married at HG

1786 Theophilus Wells & Grace a child Mary baptized at Cupids

1782 Matthew Wells & Ann Bradbury married at HG

1778 William Wells married Elizabeth Porter at HG

1778 Simon Wells and Frances Ash from Carbonear married at HG

1776 William Wells & brother James at PDG since 1776, inherited Plantation from their mother (see 1805 Plantation Book).