Amiot Amyot

Numerous DNA Matches Quebec but none for Nova Scotia.


Many of the Quebec matches link to members of the following family:

Philippe Amiot (Amyot) dit Villeneuve (1602-1639) son of Georges Elie Amyot (1570-1620) and Louise Chichon (1580-1610); Birth 1602 • Soissons, Aisne, Picardie, France; Death 26 AUG 1639 • Québec; Occupation: Coureur de bois near Trois-Rivières.

and his son

AMIOT (Amyot), CHARLES, fur-trader and merchant; b. 26 Aug. 1636 at Quebec, son of Philippe Amiot and Anne Convent, buried there on 10 Dec. 1669.

and his son

AMIOT (Amyot) DE VINCELOTTE, CHARLES-JOSEPH, navigator, naval lieutenant, militia commander, seigneur; b. 23 March 1665 at Quebec, son of Charles Amiot* and Geneviève de Chavigny; buried 9 May 1735 in the same town.

Amiot next carried out several expeditions in 1703–4 to the shores of Newfoundland, under the command of the privateer Jean Léger de La Grange and of Claude Pauperet. In 1706 he was chosen to go privateering off the shores of New England, serving as a lieutenant under Louis Denys* de La Ronde. In particular, they both fought a hard battle against John March, who laid siege to Port-Royal on 26 May 1707 


No DNA links to Nova Scotia but surname does occur in Louisbourg

Amiot, Noel @ 13. Amolot, Yves @ Source: Louisburg Ile Royale Population1713-1758 Barbara Schmeisser 1976.p


Microfiche Report Series 83, By Margaret Fortier, 1983, Fortress of Louisbourg
, Part One – Louisbourg – The Land and its Utilization, Louisbourg Properties,

 Properties – Louisbourg Environs

45. Noel Amiot

  • LOCATION: near barachois
  • DATE OF CONCESSION:  unknown
  • BORDERS OF PROPERTY: north – land not conceded, south – chemin du barachois, east – Le Vasseur , west – land not conceded
  • CHANGES OF OWNERSHIP: 1752 – sold to Joseph Marie Armant for 60 livres
  • DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: 1752 – nothing built on property
    1755 – house with basement, cabane court and garde
Also a – Joseph Marie Armant , I have one DNA match to this surname linked to: Marie Magdeleine Armant B:abt 1750 Louisbourg, Cap Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, D:1812 Pointe Coupe, Avoyelles, Louisiana, United States

Noël Amyot or Amiot, born at Triveron, Diocese of St.-Malo, France, in c1712, came to Île Royale as a fisherman in c1728.  He married Marguerite, daughter of Pierre Bois and Marie-Catherine Coste of Port-Toulouse probably in the early 1740s.  Marguerite gave him at least four children:  Marguerite, born in c1744; Jean in c1748; Madeleine in c1750; and Pierre in c1751.  They settled at L’Ardois, down the coast from Louisbourg, where a French official counted them in February 1752.  No member of this family emigrated to Louisiana.35

At L’Ardoise, De La Roque found nine more Acadian families, all related to Sr. François Coste, native of Marseille and long-time resident of the island who once had worked as a carpenter at Port-Royal in “la Cadie.”  He had come to Port-Toulouse in c1717, where he excelled as a coastal pilot.

Marie-Catherine Coste, age 57, “native of Port Royal” and François’s daughter, lived with her second husband Pierre Boy, or Bois, age 70, a fisherman, “native of St.-Jean des Champs, Diocese of Coutances,

Noël Amiot, age 40, fisherman, “native of Quiberon, diocese of St. Malo,” lived with wife Marguerite Bois, age 30, “native of Port Toulouse” and another of Pierre’s daughter.  With Noël and Marguerite were four children:  Marguerite, age 8; Jean, age 4; Madeleine, age 2; and an unnamed son, probably Pierre, age 1.  De La Roque reported that Noël had been “in the Colony since 1728” and that he owned “Seven head of cattle, one pig, five fowls, one boat, and a garden.”  

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— Marriage: 2 October 1752 — Louisbourg, … Amyot, Noel (Amiot) + Bois, Marguerite (F170705) — Marriage: before 1744 …

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Fortress of Louisbourg
Parish Baptism Record – 1744

NAMES:Amiot, Margueritte Amiot, Noël Bois, Margueritte Dubordieux, Jeanne Guegot, Athanase Fre
DATE:1744, 30 September
REFERENCE:G1, Vol. 407, Registry 2, f. 4

Following from: merchants-ship-owners-and-fur-traders-a-g.pdf

Pierre-Gabriel Admyrault – Merchant in La Rochelle. He was associated in the 1750s with merchants Jean-André Lamalétie, Jean Dupuy and Jean-Baptiste Amiot at Québec City, Montréal, La Rochelle. He was born in 1723 at La Rochelle in the Aunis, son of Gabriel Admyrault and Marie Jacquette Charles. Married in 1745 at La Rochelle to Marie-Marguerite Giraudeau. Died about 1791. It does not appear that Admyrault ever visited Nouvelle-France.

Charles Amiot (Amyot) de Vincelotte – Fur trader, merchant, bourgeois, shipowner and translator. Born in 1636 in Québec City. Married Geneviève Chavigny in Québec. Was associated with the Compagnie des Cent-Associés. Died in 1669 in the same city. Traded at Tadoussac, Saguenay, and Lac-St-Jean regions plus the great northern regions of Québec. A Noël Amiot also resided at Louisbourg in Acadie.

Jean-Baptiste Amiot – Merchant and fur trader in Québec City. In the 1750s, he was associated with Jean-André Lamalétie, Jean Dupuy of Québec and with Pierre-Gabriel Admyrault of La Rochelle. Son of Jean-Baptiste Amiot and Marie-Marthe Souet. Married in 1740 to Marie-Angélique Ferret (Ferré)