William Newall Bath

William Newall Bath (c 1770s – 1848)

I started researching William Newall of Bath in connection with my research on John Newall of Bristol. Initally, before I established his DOB, I was investigating the possibility that William was a child of John Newall. However, after fully investigating his life (see below) it is clear that William is a contemporary of John and might even be a brother. Unfortunately, up to this point I have no information (other than approximate DOB) on William and his wife Mary prior to 1805.

Key Events in Williams life

1766 Est birth (from burial) Mary widow of William Newall who died at Bath 1849; her DOB estimated as 1772-76 in 1841 census

1772 Est birth (from burial) William Newall who died 1848; his DOB estimated as 1777-81 in 1841 census

1805 burial J. Newall at Argyle Chapel, Bath (see item below re death of child)

1805 burial W. Newall at Argyle Chapel, Bath

1805 Letter to William Newall from Rev Jay, Argyle Chapel re death of two of Newall’s children at Bath

1805 birth Mary Newall Bath, parents William & Mary (from 1820 baptism)

1807 birth Harriott Newall Bath, parents William & Mary (from 1820 baptism)

1809/10 birth/death Ann Newall Bath , Argyle Chapel

1809 William Newall secretary Mission of Argyle Chaple, Bath

1812  First Ref to Evill and Newall Taylors & Woollen Drapers, No. 22, Northgate St., Bath

1819 Bath ‘Evill and Newall’ woollen drapers and taylors, Bridge Street, Bath

1820 Baptisms Mary and Harriot Newall in Bath, children of William & Mary

1828 Marriage Mary daughter William Newall Draper to James Tuck both of Bath

1829 Birth William Tuck

1837 Mr Newall, Assistant Secretary, SPG at No 1 Bridge St., Bath

1840 Marriage Harriett youngest daughter of William Newall to Rev Joseph Hopkins of Weston Super Mare

1841 Census William (age 60) & Mary (age 65) living at Northgate St., Bath

1841 Census William Tuck age 12 living with William and Mary [grandparents] at Northgate St.

1848 Death William Newall at Bath age 76 (BOB 1772)

1848 Oct. Probate Will of William Newall, Woollen Draper of Bath (both daughters mentioned in Will)

1848 William Tuck takes over business of his Grandfather the late Mr. Newall Woolen Draper

1849 Death Mary Newall widow of William age 83

1856 Death Harriet Hopkins in NZ