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Harvey is an English surname with strong connections to the Channel Islands (see below).

Seary et. al. Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland

 In Newfoundland, John Hervey settled in Chapples Cove in 1681; William Harvey settled in Trinity in 1708; Lawrence in Pettery Harbour in 1739; John held a fishery at Portugal Cove in 1794; William Hervy settled in Carbonear in 1810; William Harvey was a planter in Carbonear in 1841, and many more.

I get numerous DNA matches to the Harvey surname with roots in the Channel Islands and Newfoundland. The Newfoundland matches to Harvey include a number linked to Isle aux Morts and the St. Georges Bay areas of Newfoundland both of which have strong French connections.

On the Channel Islands Website www.theislandwiki.org the names Harvey and Hervey are linked to families from the Channel Islands with roots in England. The Herve  surname, a variant of Harvey, in the Channel islands is described as from the same origins but a separate family in Jersey, originating in France. I get several DNA matches to the Herve surname linked to French immigrants to Quebec. There are also matches to the surname Harvie linked to 18th century Scottish immigrants to Nova Scotia.

Harvey DNA Matches in Newfoundland

I get two sets of distinct matches to the Harvey name with roots in Newfoundland. The first group is linked to:

William Harvey, born 1803 in Freshwater (Carbonear), Newfoundland , died 26 Aug 1888 in Freshwater. This William also had DNA links to my sister and two 3rd cousins with a common Newell ancestor and I suspect the links may come from William’s wife Jane Noel / Newell, B:14 Feb 1810 Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The second group is linked to:

George Harvey, born about  in Jersey, Channel Islands, died 16 Sep 1859 in Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland [SW corner of Island]. Some of George’s descendants moved to the St. Georges Bay area of western Newfoundland and intermarried with several Franco Newfoundland families this area [includes Sandy Point]. My sister and Newell cousins also get matches to this family.

Herve in Quebec

I only get 4 matches to Herve all linked to Quebec and along with my sister and 2 cousins there are 12 matches in total. While this is not a strong signal the fact that there are many duplicate matches that appear to match to locations with genealogical links to Herve in the Charlevoix region downstream from Québec City in the St. Lawrence River estuary makes these significant.

Following locations have the strongest genological links to the Herve Surname in Quebec:

Île aux Coudres Charlevoix county 60 km downstream from Québec City in the St. Lawrence River estuary. The island was given as a fief to Étienne de Lessard in 1677, then to the SÉMINAIRE DE QUÉBEC in 1687, and received its first colonists around 1720. 

Baie St. Paul, a village in Charlevoix county, Quebec, on the St. Lawrence river, opposite Ile aux Coudres. From the 17th century, the French settled there for the exploitation of the forest and later for agriculture. In 1668, the first settlers, Simard and Tremblay, settled there. Intendant Jean Talon established the royal tarring there because of its lush forest of gigantic red pines. The parish registers opened in 1681,

La Malbaie, Charlevoix-Est, situated on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River at the mouth of the Malbaie River. It was formerly known as Murray Bay. 1688: Rudimentary settlement begins at La Malbaie to export lumber to France, but the focus quickly turns to the fur trade and beluga fishing. 1763: Two Scottish officers of the British Army—John Nairne (1731–1802) and Malcolm Fraser (1733–1815)—receive concessions in the area from the British Crown. Nairne’s encompasses the tiny settlement of La Malbaie and the western side of the Malbaie River. Fraser’s stretches to the east. They also rename the bay, settlement, and river “Murray Bay”

An History of the Harvey family in Quebec gives an overview of this family. The following are some excerpts from this document (translated from original French by Google translate):

The vast majority of Harvey’s in Quebec are of French descent as we will see. Despite this fact, recognized by historians for a long time, a mistaken belief relating to a Scottish origin persists.

“Harvey” is a very common surname in Quebec, the first migrant whose lineage will take this form of the surname arrived in New France somewhere around 1670 under the name “Hervet” . Then his son and his son’s sons carried that of “Hervé” . From its Quebec cradle, L’Isle-aux-Coudres, where the third generation is native, the urname “Hervé” first spread and multiplied in Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies on the Côte-du- South and Saint-Étienne de la Malbaie.

Upon his arrival in America in the XVII th century, Sébastien “Hervet” from Orléanais (1642-1714) saw their surname turn into “Hervé” from the pen of educated priests in the Paris region or French provinces where the surname “Hervé” was used. On the other hand, notarial deeds in New France continue to reflect, most of the time, the original patronymic “Hervet”. His son Sébastien (1695-1759), of the second generation, was the first to bear the surname “Hervé” . From his arrival in Isle-aux-Coudres around 1722 and until 1802, the missionaries and priests continued to write the surname in this form. In 1824 the first child bearing the contemporary surname of “Harvey” was baptized, the descendants of the migrant Sébastien Hervet did not all very early adopt the surname “Harvey” as we have been led to believe, quite the contrary.

The Hervy surname also appeared in the Magdalen Islands around 1816.  The bearers of the Harvey surname living in the Magdalen Islands or whose descendants originate from these islands are not descendants of Sébastien Hervet and Françoise Philippeau like the vast majority of Harvey Quebecers. They are Hervys and not Hervets , which nonetheless makes Harvey of French origin. Several people with no Acadian roots left the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands to settle in the Magdalen Islands. François Hervy who left Saint-Pierre to marry Esther Vigneau in 1817 is one of these. There were also a few “Harvey” from the British Isles and those who landed in the country with the arrival of Loyalists fleeing the United States in the late 18th and early next centuries.  End Quotes

Herve / Harvey link to Tremblay: Christine Herve Harvey G3GD-59L​​ Birth23 February 1815 La Malbaie, Charlevoix-Est, Quebec, Canada Death27 juin 1894 Montréal, Québec.

Name:Noël Tremblay • Edit
Event Date:02 Jan 1873 • Edit
Event Place:Notre-Dame, Montréal, Quebec, Canada • Edit
Father’s Name:Grégoire Tremblay • Edit
Father Living:Oui
Mother’s Name:Christine Herve • 
Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979