Fillier Family

The 1805 Return of Possession held in Conception Bay also known as the 1805 Plantation Book list four members of the Filleul (name variant) family occupying Fishing Rooms in Bareneed.

E. Filleul Jr.Bequeathed to him by his Father’s Will1790
E. Filleul Sr.Cut and cleared agreeable to Act Wm. 111 Chap.25 Sec.71760
Sam. FilleulBequeathed to him by his Father’s Will1763
Rd. FilleulBequeathed to him by his Father’s Will1793
From 1805 Plantation Book

The Plantation Book of 1805 suggest that Elias Filleul Sr. had the original grant in 1760 and the others properties were inherited between 1763 and 1793.

These properties were situated in the western part of Bareneed between the Stephens family to the west and the Richards family to the east (see Map below).

Map based on property descriptions in 1805 Plantation Book

The publication Family Names of Newfoundland identifies Fillier as a variant of the Channel Island name Filleul.

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Family Names of the island of Newfoundland p 179. See also

The 1817 Census of Bareneed list:

  • # 36 John Filler,
  • #35 Abraham Filler,
  • #34 Isack Filer &
  • # 33 Elias Filler.

These 4 members of the Filler family occupied the land between the Stephens / Stevens family to the west and John Moore.

By the time of the 1817 Census it appears that Ellias Jr. was living in the same location but that the other properties had changed hands likely to the next generation (see below). Isack, Abraham and John were all married but had no children. All four were described as “Distressed”.

33Elias Filler114  Ths BartlettDistressed  
34Isack Filler11   Dittoditto  
35Abr’m Filler11   Dittoditto  
36John Filler11   John Mooreditto  
1817 Census

In the 1817 Census the spelling of the family name had apparently changed to Filler and other records from this period record it as Fillier (see below).

Abraham in the 1817 Census and above was likely a son of Elias Sr. and Sarah.

Keith Matthews files

John may be the son of Elias Jr. and Frances born 1790 or the John who died in 1844 at age 85 (born c 1759).

John FILLIERMar. 20, 184485 years
Port de grave Burials

In 1819 Elias of Bareneed (likely Jr.) built the 64 Ton schooner hunter for Thomas Bartlett.

Keith Matthews Files, MUN

Elias Fillier’s land in Bareneed sold to Thomas Bartlett some time before January 27th, 1820.

In 1824 Samuel, Isaac and William Fillier were renting from Thomas Bartlett.

The Voters List for 1835 list four Phileres (either transcription error or misspelling in original) in Bareneed, one in Black Duck Pond and one just as Port de Grave (see following).

PHILERE, WilliamPort de Grave
PHILERE, RichardPort de GraveBlack Duck Pond
PHILERE, JohnPort de GraveBareneed
PHILERE, SamuelPort de GraveBareneed
PHILERE, WilliamPort de GraveBareneed
PHILERE, AbrahamPort de GraveBareneed

However Lovell’s Directory for 1871 only list John Filliar in Bareneed.


There were no Fillers or similar names listed in the 1911 Census for Bareneed; however, there were two families with the Fillier name listed for Black Duck Pond. Around this time there were Filliers living in Clarkes Beach and North River. By the 1950s (see history 1949-1969 Part III) the land occupied by the Filleul family in 1805 (see Map above) was now occupied by families with the following names: Boone, Stevens, Petten and Bartlett. In fact the hill at the eastern end of the Filleul property was called Boone’s Hill!