UK Newells

This section includes information on the various Newell families in the UK  that I have researched (I plan to included all of Ireland in this section since it was under English rule during the period considered). Again, it includes a number of different related family names including Newell, Newall, Nowell, Neville, Knowles, Noel, etc.

I have organized the material by region with individual documents filed under the region.

The first region posted is called Bristol Channel which includes not only the city of Bristol but the areas bordering on the Bristol Channel (north Cornwall, north Devon, Gloucestershire and South Wales) and the hinterland south of Bristol (Bath, north Somerset and north Wiltshire). These areas have historical ties to Bristol.

The second region covered is Scotland.  Given the size of these Scottish files I was forced to post them as different documents (I, II, III, etc.).

Future regions will include:  South Devon and Cornwall, Dorset, SE England, Ireland, North England, etc.



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