UK Newells

This section includes information on the various Newell families in the UK  that I have researched.  The research includes a number of different related family names including Newell, Newall, Nowell, Neville, Knowles, Noel, etc. This section is still under construction.

I have organized the material by region starting with my research on the Newall, Newell and Nowell families of Bristol with a focus on John Newall a merchant of Bristol who had operations in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.  I selected this as my first region since Bristol merchants had some of the earliest connections to Newfoundland. John Guy’s colony at Cupids , Conception Bay was established in 1610 as a partnership between Bristol and London merchants. In the late 18th century several prominent  Newfoundland merchants including John Noble, Jeremiah Coghlan and John Newall had their home base in Bristol.

The second section investigates the life of William Newall of Bath (c 1770s – 1848) . This is an  extension of my research on John Newall of Bristol.

The third section covers my research on the Nowell, Newell and Farnewell families of North Wiltshire.

The fourth section covers the Newall / Newell families of Lyme Regis, Dorset and the neighbouring town of Uplyme, Devon.

The final section covers the Newall and Newell families of Scotland.  Given the size of these Scottish files I was forced to post them as different documents (I, II, III, etc.) in subfolders.

Future regions will include:  Devon, Cornwall,  SE England, Ireland, North England, etc.

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