Sullivan Family

The 1805 Plantation Book for Bareneed list a Thomas Sullivan.

Thomas occupied property in the western most part of Bareneed now known as “the Dock”. The Plantation Book indicates that his property was bordered on the SW by Philip Noel (see Map).

Approximate ocean frontage of Plantations in “The Dock”, Bareneed as described in the 1805 Plantation Book. Boundries estimated from subsequent land ownership.

This was the same property occupied by William Turner in 1817.

Unlike the neighboring Dawe and Noel plantations which were dated as registered in 1785 and 1786 this Sullivan Plantation was listed as registered in 1802.

There is very little information on this Thomas. There were other Sullivans who were planters in Carbonear, Harbour Grace, Bay Roberts and Harbour Main around this time so this Thomas might have been related to one of them. Most but not all of these were Roman Catholic. In 1784 there was a reference to a Thomas Sullivan who had dealings with Newman (merchant) Port de Grave.

In 1814 a Thomas Sullivan of Little St. Lawrence left clothing to wife of John Butler. This might be significant since in 1817 a Butler owned property near the Sullivan Grant (see #51 below).

Basically the last record to Thomas Sullivan in the Bareneed records was in the Plantation Book of 1805.