Bois, Dubois, Aubois

The Dubois surname has a high number of my matches to Quebec and France, the Bois and Aubois surnames have has a significant number of matches to Nova Scotia.

The Aubois surname in Nova Scotia is frequently linked to a Marie Aubois B: 1665 Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia and is frequently reported as bring part Miꞌkmaq.

The Bois surname in Nova Scotia is possibly linked to the DuBois Protestants from Switzerland who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1751 (see below).

“Foreign Protestants” to Nova Scotia

Dubois, Jean David16Martel, NeufchatelLabourer
Dubois, Jean Francois16Martel, NeufchatelLabourer
Dubois, Pierre40SwissWorkman
Passengers on Ship Gale arrived 12 Jun 1751
Note Neufchatel likely Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The name might also have developed in New France from Coureurs des bois [runners of the woods] who in New France were unlicensed fur traders. Unlike  voyageurs, who were licensed to transport goods, coureurs des bois were considered outlaws of sorts because they did not have permits from colonial authorities. The independent coureurs des bois played an important role in the European exploration of the continent. They were also vital in establishing trading contacts with Indigenous peoples.

Or possibly as a corruption of Hautbois settlers in Annapolis Royal (see following).

The Registers of St. Jean-Baptiste, Annapolis Royal, 1702-1755
Michael Haut BoisBaptism
Charles HautboisBaptism25 March 1723
Jean Chrysostome HautboisBaptism15 July 1724
Anne HautboisBaptism26 September 1725
Cyprien HautboisBaptism16 July 1730
Marie Joseph HautboisBaptism28 October 1734

The Bois name has the highest number of modern (2014) matches to Eastern France.

Bois Surname France