Hall Family

The one anonymity in the 1817 Census was property #4 held by Jacob Hall that was likely a Boone property in 1805. This Jacob Hall was almost certainly the Jacob of Bareneed who was “Boats Master” for Thomas Patten (Merchant operating in Bareneed).

In 1817 Jacob was married with 3 children and 4 male servants and was described as “well off”. His merchant was Graham who was a partner with Patten (see above) who Jacob worked for. Basically, Jacob was an employee working for Patten & Graham and likely purchased or rented property from a Boone. Jacob had a son Abraham who was born in Bareneed in 1814.

Bear NeedHALLJacob & BridgetAbraham18 Sept 1814

This Abraham married Bellisen Snow at Bareneed in 1841 but in 1858 Bellisent , a widow, remarried. At that time her address was given as North River.

Dec. 2, 1841Abraham HALLBachelorBareneedBellisen SNOWSpinsterBareneedJ. VicarsSamuel BATTEN, John SNOW

The Halls of Bareneed might be the Halls who founded “Halls Town” which was west of North River (Halls Town was originally settled by Protestants while North River was Catholic). A Jacob Hall was recorded at Bareneed in Lovell’s 1871 Directory and this may be the Jacob Hall identified as the last Catholic in Bareneed who moved to North River (see Decks Awash, 1984). Based on the earlier records it is possible that Jacob converted.