Census 1817 Part V

In the previous section we covered the families (mainly Boone) living between the wharf in Bareneed Cove east to the current location of Harry Greenland’s old General Store. This Section continues with the people living in the eastern end of Bareneed Cove. In 1817 the first family recorded to the east of Boones was Benjamin Batton (Batten) and the next three properties also belonged to members of the Batton family .

11Ben Batton1151W Johnstonwell off
12Sam Batton1132dittoditto
13John Batton Wm Son1132W Grahamditto
14John Batton Sam’l Son1154W Johnstonditto
Battons Bareneed 1817 Census

Battons in 1805 Plantation Book

In 1805 the properties immediately east of the Boones was divided between William Preatx & Co. and John Batton.

# 438: William Preautx & Co. 43 yds. from E. to W. by —- side bounded on the E. by Wm. Batten on the W. by John Boone 30 yds. from E. to — the Path 195 yds. from H.W.M. to the Northward bounded on the N. by Bay Roberts, 1 Stage 3 Flakes 1 Mose 4 Houses 2 Gardens 2 MosePurchased from Wm. Anthony for £20Wm Preautx & Co.1785
# 439: John Batton Jr. 70 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Wm. Snow on the West by Wm. Preautx and Co. 147 yds. from H.W.M. to the Northward bounded on the N. by the Woods 1 Stage 2 Flakes 2 GardensBy deed of Gift from his FatherJohn Betton Jr. . De Grave1791
Preautx and Batton Proprties Bareneed 1805

The Preautx (Pico) property was purchased from William Anthony in 1783 (see below) and at that time was occupied by William Batton (possibly tenant). William Preautx & Co was connected to William and Elias Picco (Elias later moved to Portugal Cove) .


Elias and William Picco owned another property further east in Bareneed (see later sections).

Apparently William Batton challenged the transfer:

89-90 1784 William Priaux, Conception Bay   John Campbell : Priaux complains that he is unable to develop a property in Bamhead, Conception Bay for which he has papers; William Batten on his mother’s advice claims the land and every time Priaux stakes the property out for building, Batten & family pull the stakes out.  Justice Gill subsequently informed Mr. (Aaron) GRaham that the matter had been settled to mutual satisfaction. 91 15 Oct. 1784  Graham for Gov John Campbell : He hereby orders that the fishing room mentioned above, near Port de Grave in Conception Bay, must be occupied as agreed upon by the parties concerned.

The William Batton occupying the Preautx property in 1782 could be the William Batton living in Salmon Cove (Southern Gut) in 1798 and a property in the same area in 1817 (see below).

#635 Wm.Batton: 185 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Thos.Bussey on the W. by Richd. Wells 200 yds. from H.W.M. to the S. bounded on the S. by the woods. 1 Stage 1 Flake 1House 1Garden 1 Meadow.Salmon Cove Port de Grave1798
William Batton property Salmon Cove 1805
70Wm Batton11   W Pencentwell off
Census 1817 Salmon Cove (Listed under Bareneed)

His wife might be Hannah Batten from Salmon Cove buried in Bareneed in 1829 age 74 years (b c 1755) and the William Batten married in 1823 is likely his son.

Hannah BATTEN, Widow, Salmon Cove. N.D. 74 yearsAug. 30, 1829
Bareneed Burials
12 Dec 1823Salmon CoveBATTEN WilliamBachelorSalmon CoveJames N. Harris
  RICH ElizabethSpinsterSalmon CoveJn. Searle
Harbour Grace Marriages

If so the following William Batten of Salmon Cove on the 1835 Voters list would likely be his son.

BATTEN, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay

The Bareneed Battons of 1817.

Returning back to 1817 there were four Battons occupying property in Bareneed: Benjamin, Samuel, John (son of William) and John (son of Samuel).

#11. Benjamin Batton

By 1817 the Preautx property in Bareneed Cove had apparently transferred into the Batton name and based on location it was likely Ben Batton’s property. In 1811 there was a transfer of property at Bareneed from William Preaux to Benjamin Batten which was likely the sale of this property.

1811 B/SBatten Benjamin from Preaux William 17210Bareneed

This Benjamin was likely the Benjamin from “Bare Need” who with his Wife Jane had a daughter “Amey” baptized at Harbour grace in 1814

Bare NeedBATTENBenjamin & JaneAmey (sic)FF.H. Carrington25 Sept 1814

In 1817 this Benjamin had a wife [Jane?], five children and one male servant. He was described as “well off” and used W. Johnston as his supplier.

11Ben Batton1151 W Johnstonwell off
Bareneed census 1817

This was likely the Benjamin who had his Will probated in 1867. Will of Benjamin Batten from Newfoundland will books volume 4 page 463 probate year 1867 sons Benjamin, John and William.

#12. Samuel Batton [Batten]

The Samuel Batton of Bareneed in 1817 was likely the Samuel son of John and Mary baptized at Harbour Grace in 1785, who married Ann Boone at Harbour Grace in 1809 and who was buried at Bareneed in 1868.

Harbour GraceBATTENJohn & MarySamuelMJ. Balfour28 May 1785
14 Nov 1809Harbour GraceBATTEN Samuel Bachelor Port de GraveL.A. AuspachJohn Batten 
  BOON Ann Spinster Port de Grave Anthony Mugford 

In 1817 this Samuel had a wife, three children and two male servants and was classified as “well off”.

12Sam Batton1132 W Johnstonwell off
Bareneed 1817 Census

Later in 1828 he owned the 66 ton schooner Adventure .

This was likely the Samuel who was buried at Bareneed in 1868 age 84 years.

Samuel BATTEN 84 yearsDec. 29, 1868
Bareneed Burials

#13. John Batton, William’s Son

This John Batton was married with three children and two male servants. He was described as “well off” and used W. Graham as his supplier.

13John Batton Wm Son1132 W Grahamditto
John BATTEN 85 yearsMar. 27, 1861

#14. John Batton Sam’l Son

This John Batton was married with five children and four male servants. He was described as “well off” and used W. Johnston as his supplier.

14John Batton Sam’l Son1154 W Johnstonwell off

Samuel Batton of Port de Grave

In 1805 a Samuel Batton owned two properties in Port de Grave, one bequeathed to his wife from her father and one purchased, and William Batton owned a property in Salmon Cove (Southern Gut).

# 459: Samuel Batton 13 yds. from E. to W bounded on the E. by Geo. Voy on the W. by John Butler 50 yds. from H.W.M. to the Northward bounded by the Path Another plot to the N. 11 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by — on the W. by John Butler 68 yds. from S. to — Bounded S. by Geo. Voy on the N. by the Church —-Bequeathed to his wife by her FatherNo buildings1789
Samuel Batton Property #1 Port de Grave 1805
# 472: Saml. Batton 59 yds. from E. to W. by Seaside bounded E. by Ths. Snow and W. by Wm. Pinsent 54 yds. from E. to W. to the N. of his dwelling house Bd. E. by Mary Butler and Thos. Snow on the W. by the Husseys 96 yds. from S. to N. bounded S. by the path and N. by Mary Butler Another plot to the W. 37 yds. from E. to W. bound E. by Batt Corban on the W. by Wm. Hussey 68 yds. from S. to N. boun. S. by Isaac Richards and on the N. by Wm. Newman 2 Houses 3 Gardens 1 MeadowPart cut and cleared agreeable to Act Wm. 111 Chap.25 Sec.7 & part purchased from Henry Andrews Sr. for £2 and part from John Tucker 50/S. Batton The 59 yds. by the waterside leased to Rd. Shea for £16 per annum1768
Samuel Batton Property #1 Port de Grave 1805

This Samuel at Port de Grave was likely the husband of the Ann Batten (likely nee Butler) whose Will was Probated in 1836. Her late husband’s estate had likely been settled earlier but she did leave property in Port de Grave to John Batten Senr and Samuel Batten of Bareneed who were likely relatives of her husband.

I give and bequeath that half of the fishing room and plantation which belongs to me as relict of my deceased husband, and which is situated at Port de Grave between the rooms of John and William Pinsent and others on the west side, and the rooms of Thomas Martin and others on the east side to John Batten Senr and Samuel Batten of Bareneed Newfoundland in equal moieties, Will of Anne Batten from Newfoundland probate year 1836.

The Thomas baptized at Harbour Grace in 1785 may be their son.

Harbour GraceBATTONSamuel & AnnThomasMJ. Balfour29 May 1785