Snow Family

The following from Descendants of Abraham Snow on a Jersey Web site.

There seems little doubt that Jean Snow (1678- ) at generation 3 emigrated to Newfoundland. This note is included in the Korey Snow family tree on Ancestry:”From the book From Snow to Snow By James G Snow. James Snow, Publisher, New York, New York 1984. He was born in St Aubin, England, a small harbor used by the NFL fishing fleet. There is no Record in Jersey of Jean Snow’s marriage or death or baptisms of any of his children, which indicates that they took place in Newfoundland. It is most likely that Jean is also the John at Kelly’s Island (1708 first Snow in NFL) He would have been 30 years of age when he was “Planted” there (became a permanent resident)”

For early references to the Snow surname in Newfoundland see Peter Noels Families of Newfoundland files.

Following early References to surname Snow at Bareneed and Port de Grave in the Keith Matthews files at MUN

The following Table compiled from the Return of Possession held in Conception Bay 1805, also known as the Plantation Book, list the Rooms/ Plantations in Bareneed linked to the Snow family. The Table gives the year the property was acquired (cleared, inherited, bought) and how aquired.

24 William & JohnSnow1793From his father
25 Edward SnowSnow1793From his father
26 ThomasSnow1793From his father
28 JohnSnow1777From his father Jacob to Hunter & Co in 1807
The 1805 Return of Possession held in Conception Bay

The following Table presents the information for members of the Snow family listed in the 1817 Census for Bear Need (Bareneed).

15Edw’d Snow E son6 8John MooreDistressed
16Wm Snow ditto2 4dittoditto
17John Snow ditto6 8Ths Bartlettditto
18Wm Snow Senr4 6dittoditto
19John Snow2 3dittoditto
20Edw’d Snow W Son215Ths Dansonditto
21Th’s Snow E Son215dittoWell off
23Thomas Snow Snr1 3Grahamditto

The Snows lived in the area at the top of this hill in the eastern end of Bareneed known as Jorsey. This was likely a reference to Jersey since many of the settlers in this area (Batten, Snow, Preautx /Picco, LeViscounte, Norman) had roots in the Channel Islands.

Edward Snow built the Brothers, 65 tons for Edward French, and two other schooners the Winter, 64 tons and John, 47 tons (no other information) were registered as built in Bareneed. Success (17 tons) owned by Edward Snow registered in 1812.

Id #ConstructionYrNetTonsVesselNameBuilder
76607181537WILLIAMEdward Snow owner
7968181965BROTHERSEdward Snow for Edward French

Jacob Snow of Bearneed. 1830.

The last Will and testament of Jacob Snow ( John’s son ) of Bearneed; bearing date March 16, 1830. Secondly: I bequeath to my wife Olive Snow and my children by her all my right, title, and interest in my Room or Plantation at Bearneed aforesaid ( left to me by the Will of my Grandfather Jacob Snow ) consisting of a dwelling house, two flakes, and one stage, together with all the ground & gardens belonging to the said Room. And I also give to my wife Olive Snow & her children by me all & everything I may die possessed of what kind or natu re so ever. And I do appoint my wife sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament. Given under my hand & seal at Bearneed the 16th day of March in the year of our Lord 1830. In the presence of us: C. Blackmore, Amy Daw, Johann Newell. ( Amy & Joanne used their marks. Blackmore signed. ) *Real Property valued at 9 Pounds by the Court.

1833 Murder of John Snow of Salmon Cove (poss from Bareneed)

The 1835 Voters List for Port de Grave District listed seven Snows in Bareneed, one in the Dock (western part of Bareneed) and 2 with no village specified.

1835 Voters List Bareneed
SNOW, Charles of JohnPort de GraveBareneed
SNOW, John of JohnPort de GraveBareneed
SNOW, William (carpenter)Port de GraveBareneed
SNOW, Thomas (South Side)Port de GraveBareneed
SNOW, William of ThomasPort de GraveBareneed
SNOW, William (Grace)Port de GraveBareneed
SNOW, John (carpenter)Port de GraveBareneed
SNOW, WilliamPort de GraveDock
SNOW, Thomas SeniorPort de Grave
SNOW, Charles of ThomasPort de Grave

In 1841 Abraham Hall of Bareneed married Bellisen Snow at Bareneed but in 1858 a Bellisent Snow , a widow, remarried. At that time her address was given as North River.

Dec. 2, 1841Abraham HALLBachelorBareneedBellisen SNOWSpinsterBareneedJ. VicarsSamuel BATTEN, John SNOW
Bear NeedHALLJacob & BridgetAbraham18 Sept 1814
Abrahams birth