Seeley aka Sealey Family

Possible Origins

Jan 11, 1785 Arrived at Newfoundland, from Oporto, the vessel “Bristol Packet”, Captain Searle.

Jan 9, 1787 Arrived at Dartmouth, from Newfoundland, the vessels/captains: “Balloon”, Bulley; & “Miss in her Teens”, Sealey.

Jun 15, 1787 Arrived at Newfoundland, from Dartmouth, the vessels/captains: “Hawke”, Curtis; “Penguin”, Hooper; “Barbadoes Packet”, Sealy;

Mar 11, 1788 Sailed from Dartmouth for Newfoundland, the vessel “Hook and Lines”, Captain Sealy.

Jul 4, 1788 Arrived at Newfoundland, from Dartmouth, the vessels/captains: “Hannah & Susan”, Goodridge; “Hooks & Lines”, Sealy/Seeley;

Jul 11, 1788 The Brig “Betsey”, Captain Scilly/Sealey/Cilly/Seeley, from Poole to Labrador.

Mar 31, 1789 Sailed from Dartmouth for Newfoundland, the vessels/captains: “Balloon”, Codner; “Success”, Searle;


John Silly at Port de Grave (P/G) 1814 likely John Seally at Port de Grave (PG) 1815

In 1817 a Robert Sealey was one of three witness ( John Richards,   Robert Sealey.    Samuel Batten) to the Will of John Trachy [poss Lacy] native of the Island of Jersey but now dwelling at Bear Need in the Bay of Conception Newfoundland.

The earlest references to this name in Bareneed are from births recorded in 1823.

Person BaptisedSexParents’ NamesSurnameResidenceBirthDate Baptism Date
RobertsonRobert & ElizabethSealeyBareneed6 Oct 18223 Dec 1823
CharlessonJohn & MarySealeyBareneed3 Feb 18233 Dec 1823
Source: Harbour Grace – Anglican Baptism Records, 1821 – 1823

The above died in 1928 and 1931.

SurnameParticularsAgeDate of Burial

Robert SEALEY, Bareneed. N.D. 37 yearsOct. 29, 1828
SEALEYJohn SEALEY, Bearneed.  Jan. 3, 1831

Regarding Robert who died in 1828 see followin delayed Admin of his Will from

Robert Sealey, 1844, Bareneed, Joiner, Admin, Vol 3. William Littlejohn, Bay Roberts Planter; & Jonathan Martin of Harbour Grace, Housekeeper & Constable, were bonded for Admon. William Littlejohn petitioned for Admon on April 29, 1843. States Robert Sealey died about 1830 leaving him surviving: Viz: Widow Elizabeth Sealey, & children William Sealey aged about 22 years, Ann Morgan aged about 20 years, Mary Ann Sealey aged about 14 years. William Littlejohn wed widow Elizabeth Sealey, about 7 years ago. Admon granted March 6, 1844 to William Littlejohn.

The name is not found in the 1835 Voters List for Port de Grave, possibly since all the male adults (eligible to be voters) may have died. A Mary Sealey (poss widow of one of above, is recorded at Bareneed in the 1847 list of subscribers to the Newfoundland Church Society. However, there were likely female and underage male members of this family alive in 1835 since the name reappeares in marriage records for the 1840s and birth records in the 1860s (pre 1859 records lost).

For example: Ann Sealy spinster, Bareneed, married 1841; William Sealey witness to weddings at Bareneed in 1846; Thomas Sealey a witness to a wedding at Bareneed in 1848; John Sealey witness to several weddings at Barenned in 1850 and 1851. One of the weddings witnessed by John Sealey was for Thomas Sealey (see below).

May 17, 1851Thomas SEALEYBachelorBareneedAmy NEWELLSpinsterBareneedWitness

We can identify some of these underage Sealeys in 1835 from death records. For example, John Sealey who was 29 when he died in 1857 would have been 7 in 1835 and William Sealey who was 60 when he died in 1881 would have been 14.