Update on Newalls of Scotland

I have recently started posting the results of my research on the Newalls of SW Scotland.  This is posted under the UK Newells Tab.   This started as a offshoot of my research on Richard Newall and his links to Scotland (the origin of the colonist he was helping to transport to Nova Scotia). The research started as a small side project but I became interested on the stories of the Newalls of Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire and it grew into a much larger undertaking which required splitting my report into different files.

I have currently posted the results covering the period up to 1603 in the file SW Scotland I under the UK Newells Tab and for 1604-1649 in SW Scotland II.  I have more material covering the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries which I plan to post in the near future.

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