The Dock Nfld.

I was born in Bareneed, Newfoundland, Canada. Bareneed is a small village on the Avalon peninsula (SE Nfld.). My Grandfather relocated to Bareneed c. 1915 from “The Dock”, which was an even smaller village that is now part of Bareneed.  The photo in the header of this Web Site shows the view from the Newell land in the Dock. The first Newell to settle in the dock was my ggg grandfather Philip Newell (Noel, Nuel) in the 1780s. We have a relatively complete history for Philip (marriage, children, land holdings, death, etc.) but the only information we have on earlier generations are the names of his parents (James and Anne) listed in his marriage record. My quest is to find the roots of the Newells from The Dock.

This quest started in 1971 when I took a undergrad geography course in rural settlement from Prof. John Mannion (see The standard assignment for this course was to prepare a history and genealogy for you family. I guess I fixated on this project and relying on information gathered from my father (John Robert Andrews Newell), other family members  (especially Harold Newall, then a retired librarian and teacher) and material in the provincial archives I compiled the first 7 generation genealogy for the Newells in the Dock. Prof. Mannions student papers were archived in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies and in the 1990s I transcribed (from my original hand written version) an abridged version which I made available electronically (see copy in sub menu).  In the intervening years the core facts presented in this paper have not changed significantly; however, others (e.g. my cousins Ted and Kennith Newell and distant cousin Jane Reed) have filled in detail on later generations. What has changed since I originally started this research are my views on the origins of the Newells prior to Philip.

In my original research I relied on Newell family history and research on the history of the Noel family of Harbour Grace, Nfld. (in the 18th century the closest town to The Dock with a church) compiled by Norman Krischke (,10-3) to  deduce that the Newells of the Dock, like the Noels, came from The Channel Islands (Jersey or Guernsey). Today my views have changed due to a combination of research by many others that failed to establish a clear link to the Channel Islands and DNA evidence that seems to point in other directions. However, I still think that there was some link to the Channel Islands either through the Channel Islands being a stop (poss even a generation or so) on the journey to Newfoundland  or a maternal connection.