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Joseph Newell of St. John’s

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1759 Joseph Nowel or Newel married Hannah Hoggins at  C of E., Cathedral of St John the Baptist, St. John’s

Jan 6 1759 St. John’s Joseph NOWEL / NEWEL? Hannah HOGGINS none given

1759 Joseph Newell claims ownership of the Morrison Plantation in St. John’s (in or near the Lady’s Ship’s Room which was near the intersection of Water Street and Queen Street) that his wife (a only child) inherited from her mother.

Whereas Joseph Newell has presented me a petition seting forth that he has a right to plantation / by his wife / situate in St. John’s Harbour, adjoining to W. Goldsworth and Wm. De Grave’s Plantations, but have no papers to produce for the same only a certificate from several of his ??? inhabitments of this place, testifying that his wife & her mother had jointly enjoyed the same for thirty years past without any interuption. Now that she dyed intestate leaving no other child but the wife of the said Joseph Newell. Now praying to have an order granted for holding the same.

I Do therefore hereby order and direct that you the said Joseph Newell / in right of your wife/ shall humbly & quitely enjoy the Morrison Plantation; you paying my ??? On the ??? that may appear to be justly due.

Given under my hand at St. John’s the 26th of October 1759.
R. Edwards


1762 Joseph Newell from Newfoundland (likely the same person) in Boston and seeking assistance to return to Newfoundland.

Boston October 25, 1762. His Excellency Francis Bernard Esq.
At a Meeting of the Selectmen, [Boston] October 25, 1762. Memo. of the Familys now in this Town who came from ye Land, with their Circumstances as taken from George Morley.

A Committee from the Honourable Board have desired your Memorialists to enquire into the Circumstances of George Morley, and others, who lately came from Newfoundland.  Your Memorialists have accordingly made the enquiry and find they are truly necessitous Persons, and as they cannot meet with employ here are desirous to return but are not able to pay the passage of themselves and Familys, they therefore request some assistance.

The list included the following:

Edward Freeman, and 3 children.
Joseph Newell, his wife and a child.

Note: There were 19 families from Newfoundland involved and their departure was likely caused by the French attack on Newfoundland and subsequent capture of  St. John’s in June of 1862. The French were drive out in Sept 1862 which is is likely why they wanted to return.

1763 Joseph and Hannah have two children, Thomas and Thomasine,  baptized at St. John’s.  If this was the family that was in Boston in 1762 then their might be an earlier child or one of these was born before trip to Boston and only baptized after return.

Thomas NEWELL Joseph & Hannah HOGGINS bap Nov 4 1763 Married 1759, his surname ?NOWEL.
Thomasine NEWELL Joseph & Hannah HOGGINS bap Nov 4 1763

1764  A daughter Hannah baptized at St. John’s.

Hannah NEWEL Joseph & Hannah HOGGINS bap Nov 25 1764

1767 A possible 2nd marriage for Joseph

Sep 21 1767 St. John’s Joseph ARVEL Rebecca HEIZE none given

Some sources reference as Nowel:

Joseph Nowel Rebecca Heize 21 Sept 1767

1770 Joseph Nowell had house on his land in St John’s from evidence given at Court Case in 1831.

1820 Thomas Nowell, a descendant of Joseph, sells the land in St. John’s to John Cuddily / Cuddihy (also from 1831 Court Case).