Trinity & Bonavista

Newells of Bonavista & Trinity, Newfoundland

Some of the earliest records of the Newell family in Newfoundland are from Bonavista and Trinity Newfoundland which are approx 100 km north of  ‘The Dock’ (see map below).


Newells first started settling in this area in the late 17th century, a century before Philip Newell settled in “The Dock”. A census conducted in 1675   enumerated two Thomas Newells: one at English Harbour [Trinity Bay] was married with a son and a daughter, nine men servants, two boats, a stage and a trainvat [for processing oil]; the other at Bonavista with five men, one boat and a stage was not married (see Francis  I. W. Jones, Summer 1999 issue of the Newfoundland Ancestor). 

A list of Shipps Makinge Fishinge Voyages  to the area between English Harbour, Trinity Bay and Bonavista compiled in 1678  list a Nicho Newole (Nicholas Newell?) as master of a ship from Brixsom.
ffrom English Harb to Port Bonavista is 14 leaugs and from thence to Cape Bonavista 2 leaugs:
Master Ship Port Country
Nicho Newole Brixon mar? Brixsom England.

This type of evidence makes this area a prime candidate for the origin of the Newells of “The Dock”; however, none of the researchers who have researched this area have identified a link.  My father (John Robert Andrews Newell) did suggest that there might be a connection with the Newells of Trinity; however, this might have been through a later marriage.

Hopefully, I will get an opportunity to revisit this topic in the future; however, here are some links to the early history of Bonavista and Trinity with Newell references:

Here are some links to the Newells of Trinity, Nfld.

see also: Francis I. W. Jones, “The Newell Family,” Newfoundland Ancestor, XV, (Summer 1999), 61-65. (see following fr more info:

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