Freeman Chronology 1700s

Freeman Chronology Newfoundland 1700-1799

1706 Conception Bay; John Freeman; in list of Inhabitants of “Consumption” Bay (CO 194/4)

1712 Nfld.; Edward Freeman; inhabitant of Nfld.  (KM Files MUN)

1726 Ferryland; Nat Freeman; Capt of Pelican from Rhode Is. at Ferryland (KM Files MUN)

1727 Placentia; Nath. Freeman; Likely New England Master (CO 194/8)

1729 Poole, Dorset; John Freeman; married Rebecca Moors

1748 St. John’s; Isaac Freeman; Master Boston Privateer at St. John’s

1753 Placentia, Moses Freeman; said John Barrett encouraged his servant to desert

1753 St. John’s NL; John Poss Freeman; Baptized (Ang) son of Edward & Hannah

1755 St. John’s NL; William Freeman; Baptized (Ang) son of Edward & Hannah

1757 Placentia; Moses Freeman; license for Public House & appointed Constable

1759 St. John’s; Edward & Peter Freeman; granted land for cultivation

1760 St. John’s; Old Mrs Ann FREEMAN; Buried Ang

1761 Liverpool NS;  Elisha Freeman, moved his family to NS from Massachusetts

1762 Boston-Bristol; Jonathan freeman, Master ship registered Boston

1762 Boston; Edward Freeman & 3 children; In Boston returning to Nfld.

1762 (Nov) St. John’s; Peter Freeman; on Jury for Rape trial after French left

1766 St. John’s; Ensign Freeman; walked to Torbay

1766 Louisbourg, NS; Moses Freeman; protest tax on liquor

1767 Halifax-Quebec; William Freeman; Master Sloop  DEFIANCE

1767 Labrador; Isaac Freeman; Master New England whaling vessel Speedwell

1768 Louisbourg, NS; Moses Freeman; Resident Louisbourg

1769 St. John’s; Peter Freeman; disobeyed Gov. (died 1775)

1770 Boston- St. John’s , John Freeman; Master ship ‘Marg’

1770 Louisbourg, NS, Moses Freeman, Owner ship ‘Marg’

1771  Boston – Quebec; Constant Freeman;  Master Sloop Dove

1772 Louisbourg, NS; Moses Freeman; Resident Louisbourg

1775 St. John’s NL; Peter Freeman; buried Ang.

1775 Nova Scotia poss Liverpool; William Freeman; Oath of loyalty to crown

1778 Harbour Grace; Edward Freeman; Schoolmaster for SPG school

1780 Harbour Grace; Edward Freeman; no longer teaching at school

1780 St. John’s NL; Edward Freeman; granted land for having voluntarily taken up arms

1781 St. John’s; William Freeman; married Mary Thomas

1783 St. John’s; Old Edward FREEMAN; buried Anglican Cathedral

1783 St. John’s; Edward Freeman; Baptized Congregational Church

1784 St. John’s; Edward Freeman; had son Felix Baptized Ang.

1785 St. John’s; William Freeman; Baptized Congregational Church

1785 St. John’s; “Elenor” FREEMAN; buried Ang.

1787 St. John’s; John Freeman; previous owner of land for Congregational Church

1787 St. John’s; Peter Freeman; Baptized Congregational Church

1788 St. John’s; Edward Freeman; gave £10 to Congregational Church

1789 St. John’s; Ebenezer Freeman; Baptized Congregational Church

1790 St. John’s; Jacob Freeman; Baptized Congregational Church

1791 St. John’s; Edward Freeman; transferred land to Congregational Church

1799 St. John’s; William Freeman;  jailor and [town] crier